Monday, March 28, 2011

sun sun day

woke up late this morning -.- i went to church like a sick person, i didn't have much time to put on make up. my hair also look frizzy and shitty. ugghh i wish have magic, like the girl in Bewitched, lol, she just twitches her nose, errrrrrrrrr maybe i just twitches my ear, cuz im no good twitching nose -..- it's like your boogers are overload and it's stressing your nose :)))
bubbleflops >.< mine is the purple one, the green is my sissy one. she wear my purple with her green, and i wear her green with my purple, lol~it really caught alot of eyes @.@
haha, guess guess guess!猜! who's in the picture? if you're a korean freak, it would be easy for you :) snap this at the korean market-AsiaCity. My sissy went gaga, keep forcing me to snap pic of her with this poster -..- IT'S ONLY A PAPER!
okok, gotta go finish my script. just a short post. wish me luck and hoping tomorrow ima still breathing, probably will die because of heart attack after Mr.Charles's class. ughh F the Economic!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

daisuki dayo ♥

i'm yours now.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Asian Parents -.-

  • You aren’t allowed to have a relationship during your teenage years.
  • You are allowed to have a relationship once you’ve finished University or College.
  • Everything you do besides homework is a waste of time.
  • Rice for breakfast, rice for lunch, rice for dinner. RICE ftw~
  • If you want to go out with your friends, you have to let them know where you’re going, why you’re going, and when you’ll be back.
  • If you are the only girl, they will not let you out as frequently as they will to your brothers :/
  • They will chase you around the house with a belt if you misbehave :))
  • They are over-protective.
  • They do not believe in allowance.
  • They do not believe in ‘being grounded’, but do believe in giving long lectures and nag nag nag.
  • If you ask them if you can go out with your friends, they will give you an hour lecture about getting raped.
  • B4 you leave to go out to the mall, they will tell you to go to the toilet.
  • You aren’t allowed to bring food or water near the computer and eat in front of the tv.
  • You have to eat your food at the table.
  • They will tell you how much clothes you’ve got in your wardrobe when you ask them to buy you new ones.
  • They are cheap.
  • They go grocery shopping every weekend.
  • They will always remind you too keep good care of your mobile phone and your wallet.
  • After you make a mess, you clean it.
  • They expect too much from you.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


moshi2 tomodachi lovess :), steal this from my gal's album, she upload just now..i was talking and she curi snap, grrrr gigit lar ni :)) my new hair color, yesterday i went to saloon to touch up my roots, decided to go 'orange' for awhile :)) inspired 'Hyosung' from Secret <3 her hair is orange now and she looks great. She's my new bias ^.^
this week is the week of midterm exam, try not to stress out *take a deep breath* ahhhhhhh..the first test is Japanese/Nihongo, today, this morning! HAHA easy as 123, ABC :)) the questions are black and white SAME as the Kotoba'S that Ms.Farra gave us :)) we thought it as a joke :)) hmm tomorrow is English and principle in management >.< i will be in college morning until evening. Hmmmmm don't care as long i'm not at home doing nothing and jobless :)) i can be with my peepz and laugh all day long :)) even if i don't live at the U.A dorm like most of my friends :( we're still joking and bitching in FB chat :)) gahhh i wanna live with em >.< can wake up together, sleeps together, cook together, gaigai2 together, go to class together gether :))

okay, end of college stuff. Ima talk bout my fav kpop band now! super duper in love with em after saw they act in a parody of 'secret garden', credit to my sissy Minaru, for telling me the videos :)) 

please do watch >.< i will guarantee you will LOL so hard and will go gaga bout them :))

LOL~~ guess who is who, which is who :)) How i wish i can have TOP as my boyfriend >//< I love everything about him, the way he stare and the way he smile, OMG @.@

okay, Happy Watching!

JA! see u on next blog :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

deep down

hey hey..waddup..

hmm was stressing out, freaked out bout tomorrow :( tension in the air -.- they keep their faith on us, just wth! i never thought it would be this serious, well okay, it was! all the respective people will be there all the way from KL! i shouldn't volunteer myself for this bloody event, makahai! :/ hmm the treasure hunt doesn't count, just for the tourist guide! arggghhh i'm stressing out! they been nagging nag nag nag nag! am bout to burst into flames! but can't for the sake of future :)) so whatever douchebags am going to hold my flames until this shitty event comes to an end, just wait and see! oh well, i'm a human dragon, so step back..........or don't come near me, i might burn you or eat you up, i guess i will, i don't think human taste good,

and this is for ... ... ... , sometimes you can be so irritating, and sometimes you can be nice, just nice. Sooo unpredictable! Ughh >.< i wanted to know why u say that to her and your friends? i don't get it, are you trying to please me? cuz it don't! so go ahead, i don't take any of your words to the heart, cuz for me it's a joke, a lame one, so take care of yourself! i can take care myself! xP

Friday, March 18, 2011

back to basic

ohayo mina! ogenki desu ka :) i'm still sick, ughhh fml, no afternoon class today, it was canceled due some preparation for the carnival this saturday :) means i can rest and chill cuz yesterday i feel so horrible and awful, sleepy! i can't help myself in the class, totally helpless! argghhhhhh!

anyways..i just wanna show some epic pics -.- im back to curly hair! yay!



lol, no i'm not! haha i'm in love with straight hair now, cuz easy to manage, curly hair is a pain on my head! oh well, will go curl sometimes cuz i already has the curl thingy :) here's the result of using the red Vidal Sassoon, credit to my sister, she does the hair ^0^
nice is it? hmm somehow i think my hair color look nice here :)) nahh i want to change it soon!
moshi2, watashi wa miss fatty desu :))
okay, just a short post! wanna go study now, next week is MID TERM EXAM! another scream 'ARRRGGHHHHH'!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


went to TongHing at Damai yesterday, all the way from my college. i love TongHing, not because my parent's name is there :)) but the food products they're selling, needless to say, like those U.S or AUS foods, u won't find randomly in any shops -..-

my mother is craving for Nutella, thanks to my cousie, a big fan of Nutella. She even eat rice with it -.-
honestly, it wasn't taste that good :)) i have weird tongue.
and i saw this! Haagen-Dazs ice-cream! ahhhh i love it! music to my tongue :))
Doll instant noodles from HongKong, 'Doll', it wasn't taste 'Doll' after all -.- give 5/10 :)) the blue one is sesame oil flavor and the red one is onion pepper. Randomly pick, cuz there's so many to choose.
m&m! FTW!
Ja! got to go do my work, so buhbye for now!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan 日本

hmm..i was really sad bout what happen in Japan last friday..i couldn't believe what i saw in the news, it was horrible, the devastation made by the 8.9 earthquake and the massive 23-foot tsunami, i feel so pity and sympathize for the victims, there's still missing, and more worse, death. My thoughts are with the victims and their families..

the weird thing is, that friday, early of the day, before the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, we have Japanese class and it's my tomodachi turns to sing their nihongo song, Tears by X-Japan -.- it's a really sad song, my friend sing it with full of emotion, and high pitching :))) idk..i thought it is weird =.= 

anyways..let's just pray for Japan and the world, may everyone is safe, with their friends and family.

Dry your tears with love♥


Thursday, March 10, 2011

weird love ♥

ohai's wednesday! how was your day? ♥ oh! happy international woman's day to all ladies-galz out there! ♥ we're awesome! bold and beautiful! not botak ok..LOL..

i been feeling weird lately..idk..someone has made me feel that way..someone..hmm..what kind of weird feeling is that? honestly, i don't know :) just weird ♥ it will make me go haaaaaaaaa hmmmmmmm :) :) haha i'm such a weirdo..that someone is a weirdo too..hihi..

ignore my's a song that has been craze in my gal Jessie J..she's like the UK 'Katy Perry', i love her new song 'Price Tag'..listen now! the lyrics are just beyond awesome and real! i really love it! it makes me realize money is not everything..forget bout the price tag! make the world dance!

buhbye for now