Thursday, November 10, 2011

halloween additional piccas :)

this is my first time go halloween party with my boyfie and his friends :) at Party Box! lol. i don't know there's some more pics. it's a great night! let's do it again next year~

my biibii with his bestfriends, ahfang and tommy. they are ProTrim hairstylists. i mean look at their hair -..-
spot my head! wkwkwk :)) oh that (from left) c boy(hairstylist rock), Weslie (my bii's cousin), tommy again and ahfang again.
wtf tommy face!
tommy gone wild. and that's Sam btw with his crazy hair. my childhood friend :)
err don't really know em. boyfie's friends. also hairstylists from megalong salon.
the guy beside me scares the shit out of me -.-
awww bestfriends :)

wkwkwkwk i love this pic! so cute of us. hihi~
-,- hanni~ cheers on that!
my fav video of the month! haha! wiggle wiggle wiggle ;)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

bringing nature to you! (class assignment)

waka waka eh eh :)

do you want to get away from the city life for a moment?

do you wish to spend some of your time discovering the nature life?

most of all, are you a Borneo fanatic? :)

my group - Dreamer Holidays
our logo!

is bringing nature to you by offering these two interesting travel packages! without drying your wallet, surely and positively will give you the best memories to bring home with.

please click the picture for a bigger view :)

please click the picture for a bigger view :)
 fyi. this is our class assignment for the subject 'Travel & Hospitality Sales'. We're taking this seriously. The logo, tagline and brochures, we do it ALL ourselves (my group). No copycats please! If you reallyx2 interested and for further info or questions, the contact numbers is on the brochures :) we're available 24/7.

mygawd -..-