Saturday, January 14, 2012

new hair

dyed my hair! its time to re-dye it because my black ugly roots has grown, i'm loving it even tho its not the colour i expected it will be <3

i hope it stays longer, which is not going to happen. it will fade for another week :( Y U NO STAY FOREVER?!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

first update in 2012

cut my hair again, look super thin now~
yesterday was the last paper of my final exam~ i am free now! until next month, duhh~ new semester again. hurry up time, can't wait to get my diploma and get my ass off to start working ^.^

anyways, Chinese New Year is coming soon, the year of the Dragon aye? hee..not a fengshui person so what the hell ;) my boyfie wants to bring me to his hometown at Tambunan, celebrate CNY with his family, he wants to introduce me to his grandma, his mummy and especially his sister who's dying to meet me -.- oo emm gee, i've never been this nervous in my whole life~ but i'm happy from the inside, because he never bring any of his ex gf to meet his family. hehehehe never felt this special~ :D

i've decided to change my hair color, tired of blonde, wanna go brown this time :) so i went drugstore shopping last sunday. i'm having a hard time to choose what kind of product and which kind of brown i want, uhh. finally~~

choose Revlon in 51 Light Brown :)
this is like the best cream ever, my fav~ Colonial Dames. works with any kind of skin, reduce dryness and spots, even acnes!
i love the scrub thingy! haha~
Oxy has always been a good saviour~
my Daiso haul, bought 2 cooling pack, sometimes i'm having this crazy sudden fever #seriousshit, 2 bathball, the cute packages makes me go ooh lala so cute like wtf, 2 hair essence that makes your hair smooth and hydrate, it does! easy to fit into purse~ and a blingy comb :)
bought this floral shoe from Cotton On. i have another pair with diff pattern, haha my friend calls it 'the ahsau shoe'. lol ohh f*** u ^^~ it soooo comfy!
that was it. will go shop for CNY clothes with boyfie soon. can't wait >.<

until next time <3

Kyary Eyemazing Giveaway!

serious shit, this is my first time joining a giveaway :D i'm trying out my luck because these lashes from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is super duper uber gorge~ i gotta look 'eyemazing' with this~

You can join too by visit

Good Luck!

Monday, January 2, 2012

welcome 2012!

hai hai pretty babies~ hee >.<

HAPPY NEW YEAR! yay for 2012! be good to us all! :) please!

everyone seems so busy updating their new year's blogs~

nah. i just wanna be happy! successful! rich! (lol)

i spend my new year with my jitut baby <3 at kk waterfront! only the two of us! hee~ we're so excited to see the fireworks and so does everyone. but sadly, the fireworks sucks! it's not that pretty!

update more soon! haih! i'm so busy with my life nao! will graduate soon! yay! wish me luck!

that's all for now! have a nice day! xoxo~