Saturday, September 24, 2011

keep hittin repeat peat-peat-peat-peat-peat

lol. new addiction to Selena Gomez 'love you like a love song'. but i change it into 'hate you like a hate song' #twitter -.-

don't have class today. but i'm bored to death. i got lot of things to do #schoolstuff #housechores but i'm not in the mood of doing it now. maybe tomorrow. here i am, blogging, wasting my time as usual.

the boys going to watch nasi lemak movie tonight, at cp i guess, well ahteck ask me if i want to join em, err awkward situation, my bro and his gf, ahteck and his gf, c wan and alex (probably join) and lain2 alien. lol. bukan kah awkward? no thank u lah. as i said, malas. tomorrow, Byla and Evnee wants to go CF. haiz. we'll see.

was thinking to do another ink. wants to surprise someone when she's back from KL :) lalalalalala~~ :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

trip. simpang mengayau and misompuru homestay.

i actually skip my monday class today. cuz i'm having this stupid sudden headache this morning. feeling well now~

the trip yesterday was sweaty and insane fun. pity those who couldn't go. especially c rona :( met alot of respective people from the tourism board. which i forgot their names -..- have a crush one of em. haha. that's coming right up.

the trip is on sunday (yesterday), it's a half day trip so couldn't enjoy much. our departure time from UA is at 5AM. consider way too early, so i slept my biatches house. we woke up at 3AM to get ready and it's raining outside. thank God the 'encik2 of another level of annoyance' didn't screw my trip because dorg pun ada join. ni bukan monsopiad trip fyi. layan la diri sendiri :)

half asleep and half awake along our way to kudat. we arrive at our first destination at 9am, simpang mengayau. this is my first time been here. so sakai. (heavy pic spam)

comel bha c Jilut!

Jila Jilut <3


the view is amazeball!

damn the icecream so expensive jor~

-then we say 'bye2' to simpang mengayau. head off to misompuru homestay for the ocean rhythm festival.-

briefing from the president of homestay association in Sabah. he told us to call him 'cobra' -..-
'if u want to work or be part of the tourism, the keyword is you must love people. it doesn't matter the colour of skin, black or white.'
his poem is the best. omg. i forgot but its the best. was captivated by it.

inside the long house. ahmoi2 rungus yg sedang chill2.
ni ahmoi... ntah la..haha~

small cave. if you're fat. don't even think of getting in there. you'll get stuck.

see! ocean. jalan masuk p laut. muka irsyad!!! LOLOL

mengencang suda c jila. haha.

want some dry seaweed??
darling ku Kina lady gagak!

i want to try that fly thingy.

sexy back. anyone? :))

cari ikan buntal c Jila yg went missing.

ocean cave!

Ms Zun <3


the ceremony. the speech is so funny. irsyad and i couldnt stop laughing. c jila pula annoyed by it.

rungus traditional dance. lol. ada yg syok sndiri tu~
so that was it. it took 2 hours to upload all the pictures -..-
i can't wait for next trip.
have so much fun and feel blessed :)