Thursday, January 27, 2011

street looks♥

just want to share few street looks that i love and some of it are pretty much my wardrobe style :)
the pink Doc Marten boot is LOVE♥
look simple but edgy ♥

♥ her killer legs

this is my fav, cuz i have the same shirt as hers, H&M is ♥

song of the day♥All about Him by Auburn, we don't give a dang dang dang dang dang about nobody e e e :))) what a catchy song, don't cha think so? ^0^

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


meet my usagi darling, mother♥ bought it yesterday at Gaya Street for RM20 :) :)
kawaii desho? ^0^
decided to name him Stewie, him=male lar xP got that Stewie name from Family Guy cuz i love Stewie, i want male usagi cuz my neko is already female -..-

adorable fatso, i want to feed her more, the more is better :))
so now i have to take care two pets, yes they are my pets, we have dogs, cat, and rabbit at home now -.- the dogs are not my responsibility :) but i feed them sometimes ^0^

and the biggest snake i ever seen with my own eyes, snap using phonecam -.- i hate snake.
at Gaya Street as well, if you wanna take picture while holding the snake, you have to pay RM10 :) this one is male, got another one also, female but not as big as this -.-
and the fckin schedule -.- for 3rd Sem, wth.
i'm so glad Mdm remembered my name, cuz just now she forgot almost all :)) kakaka and i'm the only person that she talks with about the final exam-.- which i only got an effin B :( :( if i didn't screwed up the last question, i might gettin an effin A for my tourism :( i realized i screwed it after taking the test when my friends blabbing about it, i was like ZOMG! i feel so dumb stewpid! wtf! completely my fault :( fml

okay enuf char2, i'm out of topic already -.-

Monday, January 24, 2011

still 2PM ♥

once again, sankyuu to Daisy♥, very much :)

love the packaging, their mascot is so adorable, no comment about Malaysia one -.-

ahhh ~ ahh ~ahh

the booklet-cd

give u peek 'sikit' of the booklet ^0^ Nickhun ♥

we're so lucky to have a friend like Daisy, willing to send us this album all the way from Thai which we also can buy here, but we don't usually buy cd, we're just download it from the internet :))) it's not like us only, millions of human also do that u know~maybe some aliens as well :))

fyi, this is just their 'mini album' so insides of the cd is also mini, means 6 songs only :)) my fav? definitely 'i'll be back' and 'even if u leave me', so damn nice, keep playing it in my iTunes ^0^

hmm, we actually feel really bad and guilty, we're just kidding bout sending us gift, but she really did send us, aww so we decided to give her something too :)

it is... 
 blekk not gonna tell xD hihihi~

Friday, January 21, 2011


hmm feel like changing my blog's template again :(

i get easily sien with it and want to keep on changing the style, ughh..stewwpid..i should make up my mind starting NOW!

hehe can help me click errrr the nuffnang? the ads, support abit okay :)) or anywhere, whenever u saw a nuffnang ads of mine here, just click it, that's all :))

err i got so boring so playing around with photoshop do help me kill abit of the boringness~ 

okay, got to go, 2PM CD post has to wait another day, so lazy to transfer the pictures to my com :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love from Thai♥

sawadee peepz :)

this month and the following months will be fill with international languages, especially French♥ yes for me and my fellow classmates, which is going to be fun.

received the 2PM album from Thai this morning, a gift from my sister's bff 'Daisy' to both of us :)

we're so worried bout the parcel, too many concerned, too much 'if' thoughts :))

but it arrived safely.hihi.

will blog bout it later, we're so busy listening it now♥♥and looking at the booklet..sexxayy 2PM HOTTEST yeah♥

song of the day, by 2NE1 'It Hurts'♥

their hair look scary in the video, isn't it? especially Dara, and Park Bom looks like she's going to be a mermaid, well about to :)) but overall i love it, it makes em look unique and fab! of course cuz they are 2NE1 :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


errrrrrr saw this photo at my cousy's album in FB, their trip to Philippines Manila - Zamboanga :)

okay, that explains~
just for FYI :) :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

mannnn *♥*

did ya'll watch KBS new show 'oh my school'?

if yes, who's ur favorite idol? :)

me? definitely not Minho! he's a good looking guy but his personality isn't that hmm.....:))

anyway, there's one idol that i really adore and i'm pretty much in love with him now ♥

ya'll must think i'm crazy and say 'wth!, he choose this guy over Minho' are u fcking serious? well, yeah i am LOL..

hmm here he is ♥

He is Simon D from Super Supreme >//< i just love his big wide forehead ♥ i feel like doodling heart shape and my name on it♥

ahhh his hair looks good here, to covered his cute wide forehead ♥ people think he's getting bold or hair loss, well he was born with less hair or thin hair >//< which is really cute, aww~ :))

i don't really care bout his looks, i just love his personality, the way he talk, make jokes or when giving opinions, ughh everything!~♥

watch this! my fav episods in oh my school♥

spot him ;) and focus on the third video if lazy to watch all~ don't like him? then shuhhhhhh :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011


why everything has to be so difficult? to make it work, in deciding, facing..etc..EVERYTHING!


nothing comes easy, no matter how small it is, or whatever~

even shitting or pooping are difficult :))

about that, last night was horrible for me, yeah middle in the night, had stomachache-pretty much the worst one, ughh thank God it doesn't last longer, or i might die! fml~

feeling well now ^.^

Monday, January 10, 2011


waddup you~

it's Sunday! and i have to sit for my Malaysian Studies final exam on Sunday, today -.-but it's finally done! hooray! yay! F the M.S :)

Semester break is only a week, starts tomorrow, which is sucks, why not till Chinese New Year? After? sienn

change my twitter pic again, i changed it for like million times, what do ya think? using webcam, the quality isn't that good, so don't mind~

yesterday went to GSC 1B with the galz, cuz of the paranormal activity 2 movie, ughh scary like shitz, all the dragging through the stairs, both parents died, the husband died, the dog Abby hmm i'm not sure, i think the ghost chock her up or something, you know supernatural activity, blablabla, but it's not a ghost, i think, more likely demons, unseen demons, possessed girls, yeah both sisters Kristi and Katie, geez, go watch la, i suggest you go watch the part 1 then part 2, then you understand the whole story, or read their wiki on google if lazy to watch or ur that kind 'scaredy cat' afraid to watch horror film hahahahahahaha awww~
jelly beans! anyone? i love jelly beans, but these one has weird look -.-

that's all~update more laterrr


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome Welcome

a warm welcome for 'pinpindoll' ehemmmm *myself* to blogspot, i decided to leave ameba, please don't ask why, haha lan duo yao shuo, it is just too difficult, yeah, now i know how hard it is to blog in japanese blog site -.- stewwwpidity of me, especially when you don't even know how to read or understand the language *japanfreak* sui bian 
This blog is still in maintenance, progress, process so don't mind the uglyness kayy :))

tatatatata dangg it's 12AM!! -.-