Sunday, October 30, 2011

halloween as...

haha. as no one! as me lur -.-

last night went to Party Box. clubbing! the halloween night has started in Party Box and the B.E.D. i think the other clubs as well. we went to P.B first then to B.E.D, darn it was super full inside, we can't barely move -.-'  not more than 5 minutes then we got out.

didn't managed to snap pics because i didn't bring my camera :(
at Party Box! me, Calven (my biibii <3), Ah Fang and Tommy! lol, steal this from ahfang's album in fb. we're all dress in black that night!
Happy Halloween to ya'll! :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

money spoiler monster

yoohoo hunnies~

yesterday i went to see my dudu *bf* at CP. i rarely got to see him because in weekdays i have classes and he's working, everyday >.< and since i'm free on saturday, he told me to hangout with him at the salon. oh yeah, he's a hairstylist :) for those who lives in KK and wants to have japanese haircut, hairstyle, haircolour whatsoever, visit him at Kimochi Salon, ground floor near the entrance door of CP :) they have like the best and pro staffs, the boss also nice. she don't mind at all i was there ka ka cau cau dudu..hihi..bring him curi tulang at tingtong game there..sot~

btw. i say buhbye to him at 4pm and went straight to Suria with my sis. apa lagi. shopping lur. last month and this month i haven't waste money at kk. i always waste my money at 1B, kbox, nomnom with my friends. haiz. we even bought the same t-shirts. wkwkwk~sot su punya ahmoi2..

sooo me and my sis went to sushi tei suria nomnom first. we spend RM68 there -.- only the two of us. pokai oi. makan sushi sja~ then we check in to cotton on, padini, brands outlet, reject shop and Liquid. the rest are boring :) but my wallet is super thin now. haiz :( so true oo. no lie. i spend like rm300+ yesterday~menjahanam kan duit..tiao me plz~
my new flat shoe! from cotton on! simple like this oso expensive. but me likey <3
tops, bottom! from padini, brands outlet and reject shop.
huhu. dolly wink. matai lur. from liquid.
yesterday look~that white rose necklace which i bought at cotton on 1B~
OH! ugg boots! arrived last friday <3

happy shopping, wallet dying -.-

Friday, October 21, 2011

School of Tourism - KLMU (Cosmopoint Sabah) 'Raya Open House'

should have done this post long time ago. haiz. after the raya but again. always late update :-)

didn't snap alot of pics, because we as the organizer has to work! so here it is, ehem berbaju kurung yer~

this is my fav! <3

my stepmom! <3 ahaha~

the tall gang biatch :))
Jilaaaa jilut!
bibii hannii~
the girls which i am really close with <3
at the entrance..haha..lalalalalaaaa~

Thursday, October 13, 2011

i love you like a love song baby

change my hair color again. hard to see the difference in this picture. but it's more to medium blonde with grayness whatsoever. but it only last for weeks. so.... pakyuuu hair :(

i am .. .... :)

hello darlings. i been really busy with my life that i have no time to update my blog :( i really don't have time to open my damn stewpid lappy and wait like forever to load..blah3..i hate my lappy. i need new one, anyone? :) but fb-ing is everyday through my phone most of the time and twitter as well.

i'm not in an 'organized' person lately. there's so much going on with me. i have so much more lot to do for this semester. presentation, presentation and presentation..ughh..pakyuuuu man :( most of the assignment shits was done last minute. lol. so typical us. as usual.

hmm sorry for turning into this boring blogger. haha.

well see ya'll soon. i'll be back with lots of crap for ya ~

i love u like a love song baby <3