Tuesday, June 14, 2011

instant doodles

hello dolls! i know, its been awhile. it's weird, when there goes the holiday, i didn't blog much, when it comes with no holiday, i blogged -.-

anyways, my 3 weeks of sem holiday has finally comes to an end. i am super sad :( it's not enough. i need more. i don't feel like going back to college. everytime i think bout it, i feel nauseous and psm-ing. there's lot of things happened. i just pretend nothing happen, but it kills me inside.haiz.

okay, here 'watsup' with me.
-i'm on my way to learn to drive a car. this saturday i will sit for the computer test.
-i'm a short hair ladayy now. hoho :)
-finally own an android phone. addicted 100%. (part of the reason i didn't blog much and online using laptop.)
-angry bird's maniac!
-currently in bad skin condition. FML T.T

and today, i went super damn early to college, idk whats wrong with me, haha -.- just registration of subjects and timetable. can't believe i'm in 3rd sem now. i'm a fckin senior. theres so many juniors
*new intake* they look at me like i'm somekind of an alien, a monster from outer space, from another planet~ another level of annoyance? :-/ like seriously. people?!

oh, due to the addiction of android, and couldn't update much here, i decided to do a mobile blog where i direct blog from my phone, this is pretty much like instant blogging -.- 

here's the link, i'm using ameba btw ^.^ babyJ

OKAY. that's all~

have a nice day and oyasumi mina!