Sunday, May 29, 2011

i won

haha hoho.

i had won a game in 'Oh! My School!(100 points out of 100) in Facebook, where the admin post verse of kpop songs and you have to guess the correct song title and which kpop artist. the prize? lol. you can request any picture of kpop artist. they will post it with your name.


i won for the first time! HAHAHA~ dang! everybody was fast! too bad, i'm more fast! AHAHA~

i requested 'Hyomin'.
haha, idk why the hell i pick her, cuz she pops in my mind first. yeah. i think it's because c Affren always post videos of her in his fb -.- die hard fan of Hyomin, aka his new wife kunun~duhh.

nah! for you! -..-

Saturday, May 28, 2011


i am a tumblarian now. HAHA. hoho~

Friday, May 27, 2011

happy holiday - happy engagement


i'm back to blog ^0^ 

i'm finally done with the final exams! yay! the last papers was on Monday, Japanese and Management. i honestly think i did okay in Management. My Japanese was boo :( cuz i've spent alot more much time on Management than Nihon :( My kotoba is 80% blank! wth fml. gomen ne :(

so now i'm officialy on school holiday! hooray! not going to class for 3 weeks is the best part. the worst part? urmm lemme think, well i'm 100% bored at home, i could die in boredness. i was alone at home most of the time. will always be #foreveralone :( help?

i was on facebook last night, saw the news feed about Kim Kardashian is Engaged! it was jaw dropping. haha i'm so happy for her! finally! someone has pops the question! aww i think i'm gonna cry. yeah i will -.- seriously, i actually did when watching Khloe's wedding ceremony, i could see how happy and excited she is, no one thoughts she's going to be the first in the Kardashian sisters to tied the knot, i just hope their relationships will last forever. i'm sick of the typical celebrity style divorced, after spending thousands millions of money on their wedding, in the end bercerai juga, haiz. how sayang is the money. LOL


this is my new bias. hehe. what a beautiful song. dont cha think? :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011


ini hari, hari sabtu. tanggal 21 bulan 5 2011. Pada jam 10:19 PM.

saya ingin bunuh diri! why? kenapa?

tomorrow is Principle of Economic Exam, on 22 May 2011. 3:50pm until 5:30pm. AND GUESS WHAT? tonight i don't have anything to study for tomorrow! for that bloody subject. BECAUSE I LEFT ALL MY FREAKIN ECONOMIC'S NOTES AND BOOKS AT KINA'S DORM.



getting more depressed and stressed! my life is over. i'm already dead from the inside. idk what to do. seriously. WHY? FOR GOD SAKE :(

okay.nevermind.all i gotta do now is pray and go to sleep.with this stupid useless brain.contains zero percent of economic shits.

okaybai :(

Thursday, May 19, 2011

be right back

i'm sick of living like this.
i'll be back.
study comes first.
i have a date with examination for 4 days :)

piccas post coming right up. laaaaterrr.

ugh wish me luck ^.^

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

wide as field

i was referring to my forehead~it's wide! -.-
i used to hate it. that's why i had bangs :) hmm, my grandnanny says those with wide forehead has this power that will scare away ghost -..- like the tiny monster CJ-7 the thing on its forehead :)) idk if she tries to please me or whatsoever, ohh *RIP* ^.^ love u mwuah~

btw, i'm still awake. im waitin for my wet hair to dry. i'm pretty much bored at this moment, so i blog. hmm will go watch fast5 this afternoon. at suria. i will probably cry, for some stupid reasons. haha~

my fav song of today, i used to go crazy over this girl too, haha she's sooooo yeng now! omg! i want her skin, i want her hair, hmm i missed her chubby face, but she looks more pretty now. again omg! *diehardfan* hehe okbai~

i'm once happy, and i CAN be happy again

i have to go, i'll leave you alone but always know that I Love You so.

yup. he actually ended it.
hehe, what am i thinking? it was not his fault. it's mine. for letting myself. for trusting him in the first place. pardon me. everyone makes mistake.

a massive heartbreak..... nevermind. this is not the first, and will never be the last. i guess :)

read my blog last night, before went to bed. i'm such a stupid girl. i wrote too much crap. hmm.

things changed. and so am i. theres going to be new a me. ya'll just have to wait and see ^.^

*deleting some posts*

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

monsopiad trip

yup, yesterday us tourism's kids, went to Monsopiad Cultural Village for a study trip. err actually it doesnt turn out to be a 'study trip', more like 'enjoy the fullest trip'
the balcony.
the bridge -..- only six people were allowed at one time, there was NOTHING on the other side, just two angsa and bushes~but some douche bag says theres monkeys and orang utan -.-

celebrities who visited Monsopiad, seriously i don't know who they are..LOL
hehe, our tourist guide, mister Adam, he's funny :))
im lovin the inai on his leg :)
fake tattoo booth.
where the real skulls of humans were placed here.
skulls hanging, sorry im such a bad noob photographer -..-
the skulls of an orang utan, the teeth are funny and kawaii LOL
for those who likes lastik2, this spot is soo ngam for you.
buat sagu~
sumpit's targets -..-

group photo, steal from fb, dont know belongs to who, spot me!
we're lesbo frens -..- and half of Hafizi 'pistak' behind us, spoiler.....haha
Forona (kogutan) & Susan
they performed for us, it was fun to watch, hihi didn't snap much pics cuz i was enjoying myself~
rona, ana, me, kina and susan~
okay, we had lunch after that, they served us traditional food, it was GOOD!
we're extremely tired that day, the weather was kinda annoying, we're sweating like nutz.
hehe~i skipped economic class today, i went to Kina's dorm instead then both of us went to 1B, she's dying to watch the roomates, but we'll watch Seru first at 2:15 cuz the roomates starts at 5:30 -..- two movies for a day. haizz the seru movie sucks big time! it makes me nauseous and feel like puking after that, ughh i was dizzy for awhile, too much moving here and there~

okai, wanna go rest now, bai ^0^/

Sunday, May 1, 2011


just a quick and short post.

i want to cut my hair like this, can i own her hair?! the color oso nice, haiz. i need a fairymother now!

hehe okaibai~