Sunday, July 31, 2011



thank you very much songs, you express shit that i couldn't express myself. it means a lot to me.

idk. suddenly my mood change like auto pilot. forcing myself not think of the past is not helping at all.


looks like he's found someone new. i just knew. i can tell.

see, i'm just another girl.

whatever. yeah WHATEVER. whatever. WHATEVER? 


you're right. you're not the one for me. you don't want to mess with me. so, i'll let you go. don't blame me for everything. honestly, the blame is on you. idc. it's your fault.

i'm sorry. i cannot be friends with you anymore. i can forgive all the things you did and say, but i never will forget. that's how it is.

yes, it's sad and pity to lost another friend. things has changed. and so am i.

my darling, who knew?

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